Where else would William Colfield Cheesemakers be located but The Barlow?

Where else but in an entire Sonoma County neighborhood where top practitioners create and sell their work in high-end food, beer, wine, fashion and art? And all of it in a festive environment where street parties and colorful celebrations are the norm.

Visiting The Barlow is to attend one celebration after another of independent, local products that cater to adventurous tastes in an upbeat environment. 

For the food lover, wine country visitor or arts fan, The Barlow is what Rob Hunter calls a grown-up Disneyland.

The case at Cofield.

The case at Cofield.

Visitors to William Cofield Cheesemakers can sample and purchase proper British style cheese. They'll often be able to see how it's made from start to finish -- from the milk vats operating on site to the aging room to the packaging and shipping area. 

The display case at William Cofield houses not only the shop's own products (as well as Keith's own Alemar Cheese), but those of neighboring cheesemakers.

“We’re very much interested in having as broad a  presentation as we can of our neighboring cheesemakers in Sonoma and Marin Counties in our case," said Keith Adams. "We're going to have a nice representation of milks -- goat, sheep, cow, even water buffalo -- with a focus on local."

The case will also house a few select cheeses from around the U.S., products that have impressed Keith during his own journey in the artisan cheese world.

Keith's criteria for inclusion:

“Cheese I wish I'd made.”