William Cofield Cheese

An aged cheddar and a robust blue.
Incredible taste brought to you by years of passion, research and travel. 

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McKinley Cheddar: The Big McK.

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Our "Big McK," is made using British handmade traditions with beautiful Sonoma County organic milk from the Camozzi family's Willow Creek Jersey farm.

Aged a minimum of 12 months and unmistakably Cheddar, there are subtle notes of tropical fruit, fresh grass, and tempered acidity.  Each wheel is wrapped in muslin cloth, coated, and aged on wood.

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Big McK's little brother, McKinley, is a seven pound wheel aged a minimum of six months.  This is our go-to for cooking. It's luscious in  mac 'n cheese, elevates the grilled cheese sandwich to an art form and is sure to enhance any dish you create.

Bodega Blue

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Our Stilton-inspired wheel is made with the same time-consuming details as across the pond. Each batch is hand-ladled to the drain table and held until conditions are right for milling, salting and moulding. 

Each six-pound wheel is "rubbed-up," a technique that breaks the exterior rind into a butter-like consistency followed by a smoothing process that resembles aggressively frosting a cake. A lovely balance of sweetness, salt, blue, and a hint of beef broth permeate each bite.

The Back Story

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William Cofield Cheesemakers brings Keith Adams full-circle back to his home state. While away he studied cheesemaking and launched a celebrated Minnesota cheese company, Alemar. That success led him to explore his interest in British cheese and bringing it all back home to California and William Cofield Cheesemakers.

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